RF WasteWater is focused on being a full-service solutions provider for our municipal and industrial wastewater customers. We focus on innovative, renewable solutions, utilizing exciting new technologies to provide the most effective and cost-efficient solutions to every project. Our robust line of products and services allows us to provide a complete solution for most of the problems our customers face.

We understand that success is centered on trust and reliability, and that when our customers purchase our products and services, they get our full commitment to provide the resources necessary to ensure a positive outcome. Our approach to business is to spend time truly understanding each project and to utilize all of our resources to provide the most effective solution.

With decades of experience, our staff of engineers, chemists and biologists are trained to provide every customer with world class service and support. By utilizing our research and analytical capabilities, along with field engineers, we are able to provide intense on-site service by vigorously testing, analyzing and reviewing data trends to be assured we are offering the most accurate, innovative and effective solutions possible.

We pride ourselves in being open-minded to new developments in our industry and are continually pushing our research and development staff to explore new, innovative and renewable solutions to wastewater treatment problems.

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Raleigh North Carolina

“The addition of RF 1200 nitrifiers quickly reduced my ammonia and got my plant back into compliance, while the RF 1000 continues to control filamentous growth and supports a healthy viable biomass throughout my biological system. With the daily addition of RF WasteWater’s cultures, my plant has never run better!”

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