Alternative Chemistry Leads to Big Cost Savings and Increased Phosphorus Treatment Efficiency.April 15, 2014

RF WasteWater strives to provide the most efficient and cost effective treatment option for each of our customers.  Many times these treatment options are different than traditional options.  In the Chesapeake Bay watershed, many of our customers continually fight stringent nitrogen and phosphorus effluent numbers and turn to aluminum sulfate and ferric chloride to meet their phosphorus effluent limits.  In many cases these plants must also feed alkaline products to the system in order to keep the pH in a desirable range.

RF WasteWater provides our RF Sodium Aluminate product to these customers which provides an increased amount of aluminum, and an alkaline buffer, all within the same product.  By putting both of these products together we are able to provide 2.5 times the aluminum as compared to aluminum sulfate.  This provides a high pH which allows only one product to be used making shipping and delivery easier, saving money on overall treatment cost.  Our results for our customers throughout the Chesapeake Bay water shed continue to impress, often times cutting treatment cost in half while demonstrating optimal treatment efficiency.

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