Dewatering equipment and innovative use of recycled effluent saves money.May 7, 2013

RF WasteWater recently expanded our service offerings to one of our largest clients, saving the customer significant money while incorporating a green, renewable approach to sludge dewatering. RF WasteWater is providing an inclusive dewatering system, including equipment, chemicals and products, as well as on-site technical support for a bundled monthly fee. Investing in the capital equipment on behalf of a customer is a new area of service for RF WasteWater, and in this case the customer will be using a belt press. RF WasteWater has assisted the customer, a craft brewery, in setting up a sludge dewatering system that runs entirely on recycled effluent water, instead of the previous scenario which included paying for city water. This solution offers a “hands-off” approach to dewatering their sludge, while also providing cost savings and environmental benefits.

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