Innovative renewable biological solutions
Focusing on innovative solutions, RF WasteWater specializes in the isolation and fermentation of diverse biological cultures and enzymes that change the way wastewater is treated. Using biological cultures naturally found and isolated in the environment, our extensive library of bacteria is used to make well-rounded blends of bacterial and enzymatic products to treat an array of issues found in wastewater systems.


  • RF 1000 Biomass Reinforcement
  • RF 1100 Biogas Enhancement
  • RF 1200 Nitrifiers
  • RF 1300 Phosphorus-Accumulating Organisms
  • RF 1400 Anaerobic Digestion
  • RF 1500 Food Processing/FOG
  • RF 1600 Textile and Surfactant Removal
  • RF 1700 Pulp and Paper Treatment
  • RF 1800 Sludge Dredge
  • RF 1900 Hydrocarbon-Refinery Waste
  • RF 2000 Ground Remediation
  • RF 2100 General Chemical Degrader
  • RF Grease Blocks
  • RF Custom-Designed Blend


RF WasteWater extends a diverse range of product offerings that are used in municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater, lift-stations and grease traps.

Sold in custom blends and packaging, RF WasteWater manufactures and blends products based upon the identification of customers’ individual needs. RF WasteWater’s team of field engineers will provide product recommendations, dosages and laboratory support to each application.

“The staff at RF WasteWater is always quick to respond to my needs, often arriving on-site the day after I call them. Their full line of chemicals and bacteria and state-of-the-art laboratory allow them to quickly troubleshoot and support my every need.”

Operator Testimonials