Supporting growth of synergistic bio-film populations
Using an all-natural green solution, RF WasteWater’s patented bio-film media are utilized in activated sludge systems to support growth of synergistic bio-film populations. By implementing the Kenaf Bio-media, we are able to quickly convert any system into a retrofitted, fixed-film system, which will improve settling and promote both heterotrophic and nitrifier growth.

Process Benefits

  • Resistance to Organic Hydraulic Shock Loads
  • Improved SVI
  • Increased Retention Times
  • Reduction in Energy Cost
  • Reduced Sludge Production
  • Enhanced Nitrification
  • Promotes Bacterial Growth
  • Improved Process Stability


Kenaf Bio-media is applied in two separate phases: (1) Load-Up and (2) Maintenance Phase.

The Load-Up or Seeding Phase is where we quickly supply ample Kenaf to make up the desired surface area needed to promote sustainable bio-film growth. The desired surface area is calculated based upon influent flow along with influent ammonia and/or BOD loadings. Once the desired surface area is computed, the Kenaf will then be shipped on site in 20-lb water-soluble bags or loaded up using our solids load-up trailer, which quickly doses the Kenaf into a splitter box, influent, or return lines using a water/Kenaf slurry which is pumped into the desired application point using our pumping system.

The Maintenance Phase is calculated using wasting rates and solids retention times (SRTs) for each system. Using these parameters, RF WasteWater will set up each individual customer with daily and/or weekly maintenance dosage rates which will be done using 20-lb water soluble bags.

“The addition of the Kenaf has improved my settling, which has eliminated my polymer feed while also allowing me to handle increased ammonia loading without increasing my blower output during warmer temperatures. This product has changed the way I run my plant!”

Operator Testimonials