RF WasteWater Provides Anaerobic Digestion Support to Large Beverage and Food ProcessorsApril 14, 2014

With biological treatment and bio-media being the core focus of RF WasteWater, we are continuously increasing our product offerings and support to customers with anaerobic digestion issues.  Recently RF WasteWater was contacted by several customers within the beverage and food processing industry to evaluate the overall biological health of their anaerobic digesters.

Upon initial engagement, RF WasteWater rigorously evaluates current and past data on-site with the customer to understand the testing they conduct and what trends they continuously monitor.  During this period suggestions are made as to which tests need to be running and monitoring, and which tests can be cut back or dropped from the routine.  After the data has been reviewed RF WasteWater then takes samples from the digesters back to their laboratory and further evaluates them for nutrient deficiencies, toxicity, and VAPA ratio.


Upon evaluation, our customers are provided with a detailed report with testing protocols that they should be performing and any deficiencies that they have within their system.  Many of our customers are put on our micronutrient program where we test the customers system monthly and provide them with the perfect micronutrient blend to keep their system running as efficiently as possible.  We also commonly offer our RF Anaerobe bacterial package which increases settling and promotes a healthy VAPA ratio while increasing the biomass within the system.

Our service and support system continually helps improve overall anaerobic digestion efficiency for our customers and gives them a proactive approach to keeping their anaerobic systems as healthy as possible.

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